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3 Wheel Walker with hand brakes ESD-LG-1096
4WW, silver with red handles, Kaye Products ESD-OT-PT-1088
8pc Green/Yellow Detachable Balance board ESD-OT-PT-IMESD1
Abby Gets A Cochlear Implant ESD-AUD-9570
Activity Cube w buttons, zippers ESD-OT-PT-9097
Adapted Swing w/belt, (blue)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1838R
Adapted Swing, 28" h x 15" w ESD-OT-PT-9020
Adaptive Chair   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-0015
Adaptive Swing, orange plastic seat ESD-OT-PT-2560
Adaptive Trike  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9013
Adductor Pad for Rifton Ranger ESD-OT-PT-9539
Aeromat Seat,small, blue ESD-OT-PT-9534
Aeromat, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5176
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9286
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9287
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9288
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9289
Airex Balance Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9713
Airex Balance Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9714
Airex Balance Wedge, XL, Blue ESD-OT-PT-5154
Airex Balance-Wedge   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9404
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9405
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9406
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9407
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9408
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9409
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9410
Airex Balance-Wedge   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9411
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9412
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9413
Airex Balance-Wedge   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9414
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9415
Airex Balance-Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9416
Airex Balance-Wedge XL ESD-OT-PT-9380
Airex Balance-Wedge XL ESD-OT-PT-9381
Airex Blue Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9521
AM Trike w Crank hand and feet pedals ESD-OT-PT-LG1026R
Ankle Weights ESD-OT-PT-8822
Back Support, Curved Foam Block with strap ESD-OT-PT-9466
Back Support, white with blue straps-Columbia Medical ESD-OT-PT-9617
Bal-A-Vis-X DVD Set ESD-OT-PT-5127
Bal-A-Vis-X Exercises Illustrated, Book ESD-OT-PT-5129
Bal-A-Vis-X kit ESD-OT-PT-9799
Bal-A-Vis-X Manual ESD-OT-PT-5135
Balance Beam (4 section) Wood ESD-OT-PT-9438
Balance Beam (Orange) 47.5" ESD-OT-PT-9636
Balance Beam Portable (Orange)47.5"  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9283
Balance Beam, Blue Foam ESD-OT-PT-9458
Balance Board Tilting  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5065
Balance Board with foot prints (red) ESD-OT-PT-9480
Balance Board Wobbler w/ maze ESD-OT-PT-9025
Balance Board, Circular ESD-OT-PT-0237
Balance Board, Tilting ESD-OT-PT-9038
Balance Board, Tilting ESD-OT-PT-9039
Balance Board, Tilting ESD-OT-PT-5144
Balance Board, Tilting  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5145
Ball Bag, Large ESD-OT-PT-6000BB
Ball Chair Medium Red ESD-OT-PT-9716
Ballchair, Large Superpro, (orange) ESD-OT-PT-9362
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9363
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9376
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9377
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9387
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9388
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9389
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9390
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9391
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9392
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9393
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9394
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9395
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9396
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9397
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9398
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9399
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9400
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9401
Bantam Stander  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1000
Base - Special Tomato Small Mobile Base (size 1-3 sitter) ESD-OT-PT-9668
Base - Special Tomato Small Mobile Base (size 1-3 sitter) ESD-OT-PT-9669
Batelle Developmental Inventory Examiners Manual ESD-OT-PT-9311
Batelle Developmental Inventory Examiners Manual ESD-OT-PT-9312
Bean Bag Pillow, Tube Balck and Yellow ESD-OT-PT-10-05
Beery VMI, Admin, Scoring and Teaching Manual, Sixth Edition Pearson  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9313
Beery VMI, Admin, Scoring and Teaching Manual, Sixth Edition Pearson ESD-OT-PT-9314
Beery VMI, Admin, Scoring and Teaching Manual, Sixth Edition Pearson  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9315
Belgau Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9721
Bench, Nesting, Large 11" ESD-OT-PT-LG1248R
Bench, Nesting, Large 11" ESD-OT-PT-LG1645R
Bench, wood ESD-OT-PT-1248R
Benches, Nesting (2 pieces; 6.5" and 4.5") ESD-OT-PT-9479
Bernina Bernette Sublime Sewing Machine  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1300
Black Pressure Vest, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9585
Blue Airex Seating Wedge ESD-OT-PT-5167
Blue Black, Small Pressure Vest, Special Needs Products ESD-OT-PT-9584
Blue Changing Mat ESD-OT-PT-2677
Blue Stroller ESD-OT-PT-1080
Blue Tan Gym Mat ESD-OT-PT-9420
Blue Velcro Support Brace Small ESD-OT-PT-9234
Boardmaker v.6 for Windows ESD-AUT-175
Boardmaker v.6 for Windows  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-175
Boardmaker v.6 for Windows  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-178
Boardrock, Rocking board Skateboard style ESD-OT-PT-1063
Body Sock, Blue  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9250
Body Sock, Green  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9249
Bolster and Tunnel Set ESD-OT-PT-9022
Brain Buddy Balance Board  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5013
Brain Buddy Balance Board  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9721
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5046
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9719
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9720
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5054
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9441
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5143
Brain Buddy Balance Board  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-5059
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5064
Brain Buddy Balance Board  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5062
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5061
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5121
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9475
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9476
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5142
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9638
Brain Buddy Balance Board  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9609
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5060
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5067
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9720
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-9081
Brain Buddy Balance Board ESD-OT-PT-5047
Buddy Board ESD-OT-PT-95144
Can-do-Disc  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9102
Chair (small) with foot rest -2' high, Blue ESD-OT-PT-02-7-00
Chalkboard with Lines - Handwriting Without Tears ESD-OT-PT-9529
Chrome Walker w/wheels, Red  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2802
Classroom Positioner Chair, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9657
Classroom Positioner Chair, Small ESD-OT-PT-9656
Clear Plastic Tray with Straps ESD-OT-PT-9556
Clear Plexiglass Writing Slate w/ stand (dry erase) ESD-OT-PT-9230
Clear Tray for Riffton stander, 19.25" span between attachments, 28.5" width ESD-OT-PT-8224
Clear Tray w/wood edge ESD-OT-PT-1092
ColorDX: Pediatric 15 CVTME ESD-VI-1221
Community Wobble Board- Square Wood  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9604
Community Wobble Board-Square Wood ESD-OT-PT-9603
Computer Easel ESD-OT-PT-99CE
Computer Easel ESD-OT-PT-100CE
Crawl-through Tunnel, Southpaw, Brown ESD-OT-PT-0066
Cube Seat (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-9360
Cube Seat (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9361
Developmental ball (green) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Developmental Ball (orange) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Developmental Ball (red) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Developmental Ball (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Disc Activity Set ESD-OT-PT-9107
Disc o Seat red ESD-OT-PT-9598
Disc Swing (Green) no mount ESD-OT-PT-5151
Disc-o Wiggle cushion-Red  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9616
Disc-o-Seat (green) ESD-OT-PT-9217
Disc-O-Seat (Red)  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9598
Disc-o-Seat (red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9210
Disc-o-Seat (red) ESD-OT-PT-9211
Disc-o-Seat (red) ESD-OT-PT-9212
Disc-o-Seat (red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9213
Disc-o-Seat (red) ESD-OT-PT-9214
Disc-o-Seat (red) ESD-OT-PT-9215
Disc-o-Seat (red) ESD-OT-PT-9216
Disc-o-seat (red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9554
Disc-o-seat (red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9555
Disc-O-Seat (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9216
Disc-o-sit (green) ESD-OT-PT-9099
Disc-o-sit (red)  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9100
Disc-o-Sit (red) ESD-OT-PT-9535
Dizzy Disc ESD-OT-PT-9021
Dizzy Disc ESD-OT-PT-9094
Drum Shapes ESD-OT-PT-9209
Easel White board, small. wood ESD-OT-PT-00598
Easel, metal with pencil tray and magnet clip ESD-OT-PT-9229
Easy Stand 5000, Hydraulic w/tray  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9012
Electric Scissors ESD-OT-PT-2725
Elevated Slats ESD-OT-PT-4000ES
Exercise Mat (Blue foam) ESD-OT-PT-2163w
Exercise Mat (Blue plastic)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2164w
Exercise Mat (Red) ESD-OT-PT-5157
Eye Pal ACE (OEM) ESD-VI1213
Fitball Red, 19.5" Medium ESD-OT-PT-9298
Fitball Red, 19.5" Medium ESD-OT-PT-9299
Fitball Yellow 15.5" small ESD-OT-PT-9296
Fitball Yellow 15.5" small ESD-OT-PT-9297
Fitball Yellow 27.5" Large ESD-OT-PT-9300
Fitball Yellow 27.5" Large ESD-OT-PT-9301
Foam Roll, Large ESD-OT-PT-1006W
Foam Support, Rectangle (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1000W
Folding Comfort Cycle, Blue ESD-OT-PT-1086
Full set of 13 Low Vision Simulators and bag ESD-VI-1207
Gait Trainer Large (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1027
Gait Trainer Large (Green/brown) ESD-OT-PT-1015
Gait Trainer, Extra Small Red  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1505
Gait Trainer, Pacer Black and Silver, Large 44" Height  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1010
Gait Trainer, Rifton, Small blue ESD-OT-PT-9619
Gait Training Harness (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9004
Gait Training Harness (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9005
Grip Ball, Blue and Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9273
Grip Ball, Blue and Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9274
Gross Motor Function Measure Manual (GMFM 66 & 88) and CD ESD-OT-PT-9304
Gross Motor Function Measure Training CD ROM Set ESD-OT-PT-9305
Gym Mat (red, blue and yellow) ESD-OT-PT-9226
Gym Mat (UCS floor Mat)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9461
Gym Mat blue, red ESD-OT-PT-2763
Gym Mat Pad, Thick (red) ESD-OT-PT-9455
Gym Mat-Foldable Multicolor  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9605
Gym Mat, blue/brown 2 panel  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9031
Gym Mat, Foldable, Multi-color w/handles ESD-OT-PT-9456
Gym Mat, Foldable, Multi-color w/handles  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9457
Gym Mat, Foldable, Multi-color w/handles ESD-OT-PT-9462
Gym Mat, multi-color, UCS ESD-OT-PT-9613
Gym Mat, UCS Floor Mat ESD-OT-PT-9459
Half-Roll, Green ESD-OT-PT-9268
Half-Roll, Green ESD-OT-PT-2593
Half-Round Physioball ESD-OT-PT-5177
Holebrook Wooden Wheelbarrow ESD-OT-PT-505
Hoppity Hop Ball ESD-OT-PT-1059
Howda Seat, Stadium seat, wood slats ESD-OT-PT-9709
iPad Mini ESD-DHH-9557
Jennswing (blue)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2001S
Kaye Adjustable Bench  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1070
Kaye Adjustable Bench w/ Feet, Wood ESD-OT-PT-1074
Kaye Bench, 6" - 9" height (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-5039
Kaye Bench, 8" height ESD-OT-PT-1097
Kaye Bench, 8" height ESD-OT-PT-1075
Kaye Chair -small, w/ mobile base & seatbelt ESD-OT-PT-1389
Kaye Chair -small, w/seatbelt ESD-OT-PT-1112
Kaye Corner Chair w/ tray, Small ESD-OT-PT-1031
Kaye Positioning Chair w/ legs and footrest 26 x 12 ESD-OT-PT-9474
Kaye Postioning Chair w/ base, 21 x 11 ESD-OT-PT-9469
Kaye Posture Control Walker ESD-OT-PT-9618
Kaye Standard Tray ESD-OT-PT-488LT
Kaye Standard Tray ESD-OT-PT-489LTS
Kaye Standard Tray ESD-OT-PT-490LTS
Kaye Standard Tray ESD-OT-PT-491LTS
Kaye Stander ESD-OT-PT-1022
Kaye Stander w/ tray 36" Height ESD-OT-PT-1037
Kaye Stander with Tray ESD-OT-PT-9341
Kaye Stander, 26" - 32" height ESD-OT-PT-1008
Kaye Stander, 27"Height ESD-OT-PT-1020
Kaye Stander, Large, Wood ESD-OT-PT-9485
Kaye Stander, small, w/tray  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1006
Kaye Supine/Prone Stander w/tray ESD-OT-PT-5123
Kaye Walker ESD-OT-PT-1104
Kaye Walker ESD-OT-PT-1089
Kaye Walker ESD-OT-PT-2778
Kaye Walker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1108
Kaye Walker ESD-OT-PT-1090
Kaye Walker - Reverse 3" & larger ESD-OT-PT-1391
Lame Whorled Chair ESD-OT-PT-LAme Whorl
Lap Tray ESD-OT-PT-3002LT
Lap Tray ESD-OT-PT-1085
Lap Tray laminate w spring grips ESD-OT-PT-9058
Lap Tray, Plastic w/Wood Trim ESD-OT-PT-9464
Lap Tray, Plastic w/Wood Trim ESD-OT-PT-9465
Lap Tray, Wood ESD-OT-PT-19-7912
Laptray, Clear Plastic ESD-OT-PT-900
Large Blue/Green Wedge Seat ESD-OT-PT-9708
Large Wedge Mat (blue) ESD-OT-PT-6013
Large Wedge Mat (red) ESD-OT-PT-6012
LIGHTAIDE With All Activities  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-VI-1247
LIGHTAIDE With All Activities  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-VI-1248
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1578
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1579
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1580
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1630
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1631
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1632
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-1665
Lightspeed 705iR Portable FM System ESD-LS-2301
Loftsrand Canes (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9071
Loftstrand Canes (red) ESD-OT-PT-9070
Loftstrand Canes (Black, medium 31.5") ESD-OT-PT-2793
Loftstrand Canes (Magenta, medium 33") ESD-OT-PT-2794
Loftstrand Canes (metal, single 19") ESD-OT-PT-2776
Loftstrand Canes (Pink, small 25") ESD-OT-PT-2796
Loftstrand Canes (Purple, medium 29") ESD-OT-PT-2795
Loftstrand Canes (Teal, Single 36") ESD-OT-PT-2798LC
Lucky Bums Gait Training Harness, red ESD-OT-PT-9294
Lucky Bums Gait Training Harness, red ESD-OT-PT-9295
Massage Table, Folding Suitcase model w handle ESD-OT-PT-9449
Massager Mat  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-014-00
Mat Table ESD-OT-PT-1096
Medicine Ball Blue ESD-OT-PT-1060
Medicine Ball, Green ESD-OT-PT-1058
Mini Basketball and Hoop with Clip ESD-OT-PT-9382
Mirror, Childs, Full length, (wood frame, stand) ESD-OT-PT-5090
Mullholland Dynamic Stander with Tray, Red  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1041
Mullholland Stander (Red) 20" Height ESD-OT-PT-9426
Nesting Stairsteppers, wood ESD-OT-PT-1645R
Nimbo Walker w/seat - med, metallic blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1388
Nuts & Bolts Activity Station ESD-OT-PT-9044
Obstacle Course Foam Block (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1027B
Open Body Sock ESD-OT-PT-9701
Orange Egg Therapy Ball ESD-OT-PT-9437
Ottobock Contoured Headrest Prone Stander for #1342 ESD-OT-PT-1348
Ottobock Extensor Block Prone Stander for #1342 ESD-OT-PT-1347
Ottobock Tray for Stander 1341  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1343
Ottobock Tray for Stander 1344 ESD-OT-PT-1345
Ottobock-Leckey Prone Stander-Small  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1342
Ottobock-Leckey Stander ESD-OT-PT-1344
Ottobock-Leckey Stander   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1341
Panasonic HC-V770K Camcorder ESD-AUT-1284
Pat Bells by Play Me ESD-OT-PT-9046
Pat Bells by Play Me ESD-OT-PT-9208
PDMS-2 Manual ESD-OT-PT-9306
PDMS-2 Manual ESD-OT-PT-9307
PDMS-2 Manual ESD-OT-PT-9308
Peanut Ball (red small)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9417
Peanut Ball (red small) ESD-OT-PT-9418
Peanut Ball (Red) ESD-OT-PT-5161
Peanut Ball (yellow, medium) ESD-OT-PT-9419
Peanut ball medium (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-0094
Peanut Ball, Green, small 12 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-9302
Peanut Ball, Green, small 12 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-9303
Peanut ball, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-5165
Peanut Physioball (red) ESD-OT-PT-172-PB
Peanut Physioball Large, Blue ESD-OT-PT-1057
Peanut Physioball, large (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9085
Peanut Physioball, small (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9088
Physio ball (blue) ESD-OT-PT-5164
Physio ball (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-5163
Physio Ball (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9040
Physio Ball (Green) ESD-OT-PT-5158
Physio ball peanut (red) ESD-OT-PT-0170
Physio ball Peanut (Yellow) ESD-OT-PT-0169
Physio-roll Red Small ESD-OT-PT-9473
Physioball (Blue, Large)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-173PB
Physioball (Green, Medium) ESD-OT-PT-171PB
Physioball (Green, Medium) ESD-OT-PT-174PB
Physioball (Red, Large) ESD-OT-PT-172PB
Physioball Medium, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9483
Physioball Peanut, Small, Blue ESD-OT-PT-5159
Physioball Peanut, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9331
Physioball Peanut, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9332
Physioball/Theraball-Medium, silver ESD-OT-PT-9620
Pilllow 12 x 12 heavy cloth (red) ESD-OT-PT-9103
Pivot Disc, Wooden ESD-OT-PT-0046
Plastic Half-Round Tray, Solid color ESD-OT-PT-9489
Plastic Mat  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9707
Plastic Step, Green ESD-OT-PT-5152
Platform Swing ESD-OT-PT-2689
Platform Swing ESD-OT-PT-1065
Platform Swing  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1066
Platform swing  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-1082
Platform Swing ESD-OT-PT-9559
Platform Swing Portable Quad Pod Frame Stand  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1083
Platform Swing Portable Quad Pod Frame Stand  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-1081
Platform Swing, 31" Diameter ESD-OT-PT-5149
Platform Swing, 31" Diameter ESD-OT-PT-1064
Portable Swing Frame Quad Pod (Blue)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1069
Positioing Wedge (Red) 10" x 13" ESD-OT-PT-1001-w
Position chair with metal base ESD-OT-PT-8247
Positioning Chair ESD-LG1043R
Positioning Chair, wood, with Tray ESD-OT-PT-8224
Positioning Wedge Blue/Red ESD-OT-PT-5021
Posterior Collapsible Stryder Walker ESD-LG-141-98
Posterior Walker ESD-OT-PT-2806
Posterior Walker (medium height) with black side pad panels ESD-OT-PT-2717
Posterior Walker w/ forearm supports ESD-LG-1095
Pressure Vest Black Large w belt ESD-OT-PT-9051
Pressure Vest Black Medium ESD-OT-PT-9052
Pressure Vest Black Small  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9053
Pressure Vest Blue Large  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9220
Pressure Vest Large ESD-OT-PT-9563
Pressure Vest Med  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9010
Pressure Vest Medium, black  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9453
Pressure Vest S  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9008
Pressure Vest S ESD-OT-PT-9009
Pressure Vest Spio, Small ESD-OT-PT-9524
Pressure Vest XS ESD-OT-PT-9006
Pressure Vest XS ESD-OT-PT-9007
Pressure Vest, Black Medium  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9527
Pressure Vest, Black small  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9218
Pressure Vest, Black small  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9242
Pressure Vest, Black, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9285
Pressure Vest, Black/Tan Medium ESD-OT-PT-9528
Pressure Vest, Blue Medium  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9219
Pressure Vest, Blue/Black Small Achievement Products ESD-OT-PT-9523
Pressure Vest, Medium Achievement Products  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9564
Pressure Vest, medium, (black)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9110
Pressure Vest, Medium, Black ESD-OT-PT-9543
Prodigi Connect 12 Electronic Magnifier ESD-VI-1218
Prone Stander (Small w/tray) ESD-OT-PT-0040
Push Walker/Cart (small) w/white storage box  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1053
Quad Canes (single, large) ESD-OT-PT-2773
Quad Canes (small, single) ESD-OT-PT-2774
Quad Canes (Small) ESD-OT-PT-2777
Quad Canes (Small) ESD-OT-PT-2778
Quad Pod Swing Frame ESD-OT-PT-9558
Reading Milestones, 4E, Lv 1-6C ESD-DHH-1181
Reading Milestones, 4E, Lv 1-6C ESD-DHH-1187
Reading Milestones, 4E, Lvls 1-3 combo ESD-DHH-1192
Red Trike ESD-OT-PT-2675
Red Trike w/padded adaptive handlebar  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9253
Red Wood Chair (small) ESD-OT-PT-1109
Red/Blue Large Wedge ESD-OT-PT-5021
Redcat Classroom Amplification System ESD-AUD-2302
Rifton Activity Chair ESD-OT-PT-9658
Rifton Adjustable Desk  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1100
Rifton Chair - blue, w/foot platform & stationary base ESD-OT-PT-1390
Rifton Chair (small) ESD-OT-PT-1073
Rifton Gait Trainer (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-9267
Rifton Gait Trainer (child small) Green 19" Height ESD-OT-PT-1052
Rifton Gait Trainer (green) Child Intermediate 28" Height ESD-OT-PT-1014
Rifton Gait Trainer (Green/Brown) ESD-OT-PT-1013
Rifton Gait Trainer 32" H (Green) ESD-OT-PT-1040
Rifton Gait Trainer Forearm Support ESD-OT-PT-1111
Rifton Gait Trainer, (Child Large) Green 36" Height  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1018
Rifton Gait Trainer, (Child Large) Green 36" Height  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1023
Rifton Gait Trainer, Child Small, green 19" Height ESD-OT-PT-1039
Rifton Gait Trainer, Green (Large) ESD-OT-PT-1017
Rifton Gait Trainer, Green, (Child Large) 36" Height ESD-OT-PT-LG1122R
Rifton Gait Trainer, Green, Large ESD-OT-PT-9252
Rifton Mobile Base ESD-OT-PT-1033
Rifton Mobile Stander (Small) ESD-OT-PT-1030
Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer, (red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1011
Rifton Positioning Chair (wood) corner style  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1054
Rifton Positioning Chair wood, small ESD-OT-PT-2690
Rifton Positioning Chair, wood ESD-OT-PT-9264
Rifton Positioning chair, wood (corner style, no legs/flat base)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1055
Rifton Positioning chair, wood (corner style, no legs/flat base) ESD-OT-PT-1098
Rifton Postioning Seat (small) ESD-LG-1022
Rifton Prone Stander ESD-OT-PT-1021
Rifton Ranger (Red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1035
Rifton Ranger Trike (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9263
Rifton Ranger Trike (Red)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1350
Rifton Ranger Trike (Red) Large ESD-OT-PT-1032
Rifton Ranger Trike Accessories ESD-OT-PT-9193
Rifton Ranger Trike, (Red) Medium, with back support ESD-OT-PT-1417
Rifton Ranger w hand brakes (red) ESD-OT-PT-9352
Rifton Red Trike w/back,belts/pedal straps ESD-OT-PT-8273
Rifton Small Chair ESD-LG-1020R
Rifton Supine Stander (Large)  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-5007
Rifton Supine Stander w/tray (Adult size)  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-1007
Rifton Supine Stander, Large (wood)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1001
Rifton Supine Stander, medium w/tray  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1005
Rifton Supine Stander, small 4' 3" Height  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1004
Rifton Supine Stander, Small, wood ESD-OT-PT-2632
Rifton Supine Stander, Small, wood 4' 3" Height ESD-OT-PT-2633
Rocker Board  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5050
Rocker Board (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-9470
Ruby 7 HD Handheld Video Magnifier ESD-VI-1208
Ruby 7 HD Handheld Video Magnifier ESD-VI-1209
Ruby 7 HD Handheld Video Magnifier ESD-VI-1210
School Success: Navigating the System with Someone with Asperger's ESD-AUT-9576
Scooter Board, wood ESD-OT-PT-9090
Scooter Board, wood ESD-OT-PT-054
Seat Wedge small (blue)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2741
Seat Wedge, Small (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9532
Seat Wedge, Small (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9533
Seat Wedge, Small (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9534
Seat Wedge, Sport-time, Large Blue ESD-OT-PT-2059
Seating wedge (blue) ESD-OT-PT-1003-w
Sensory Kit 1, Gray Tub ESD-OT-PT-9544
Sensory Kit 2, Gray Tub ESD-OT-PT-9545
Sensory Kit 3, Gray Tub  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9546
Sensory Kit 4, Gray Tub ESD-OT-PT-9547
Sensory Kit 5, Purple Tub ESD-OT-PT-9548
Sensory Kit 6, Gray Tub ESD-OT-PT-9549
Sensory Kit 7, Purple Tub ESD-OT-PT-9550
Sensory Kit 8, Purple Tub, ESD-OT-PT-9551
Sensory Kit 9, Purple Tub ESD-OT-PT-9552
Sensory Kit, Purple Tub ESD-OT-PT-9560
Sensory Profile 2 Starter Kit  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9648
Sit n Gym (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-0065
Sit/Stand Stool for VariDesk  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-1301
Ski Cycler, Portable ESD-OT-PT-2738
Slant Board with Clip, Back fiber-board/plastic ESD-OT-PT-9340
Slant Board Wood ESD-OT-PT-9227
Slant Board Wood with Black Writing Surface ESD-OT-PT-9696
Slant Board wooden ESD-OT-PT-2449
Slant Board, Adjustable angle, wooden with black writing surface ESD-OT-PT-9621
Slant Board, Black with clip ESD-OT-PT-9284
Sling Swing ESD-OT-PT-S:2
Sling Swing, Blue, Adult Size Southpaw, with hooks/instructions  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9586
Sling Swing, Blue, Adult Size Southpaw, with hooks/instructions  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9587
Small Blue Wedge-air filled ESD-OT-PT-9631
Small Blue Wedge-air filled ESD-OT-PT-9629
Small Blue Wedge-air filled ESD-OT-PT-9630
Small Blue Wedge-air filled ESD-OT-PT-9632
Small Child Red Walker ESD-OT-PT-110-98
Small Shape Sorter ESD-OT-PT-2480
SmartLux DigitalPortable Video Magnifier ESD-VI-1219
SmartLux DigitalPortable Video Magnifier ESD-VI-1220
Sound Shapes Drums ESD-OT-PT-9047
Southpaw Swing w/case   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2688
Special Tomato Chair Mobil Base  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1048
SPIO Pressure Vest (small) ESD-OT-PT-9452
SPM Manual for School & Home & CD School Forms ESD-OT-PT-9316
SPM Manual for School & Home & CD School Forms ESD-OT-PT-9317
SPM Manual for School & Home & CD School Forms ESD-OT-PT-9318
Spring Board, 13" x 13"  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-0247
Stability Pad (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-9072
Stair Stepper, Portable ESD-OT-PT-9030
Stander Tray ESD-OT-PT-3001LTS
Stander tray, Plastic ESD-OT-PT-82691
Stander w/wheels and tray (purple) 40" Height ESD-OT-PT-0902LG
Standing Frame: Easy Stand Sit-to-Stand with Desk  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1026
Steam Roller  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9338
Steamroller  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1107
Steamroller  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5100
Steamroller  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1078
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9049
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1043
Steamroller/noodlemaker  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9262
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9269
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9355
Steamroller/Noodlemaker ESD-OT-PT-1044
Step Ladder ESD-OT-PT-9019
Step, Blue Plastic 28 x 14 ESD-OT-PT-9478
Stepper w/ height adjustors ESD-OT-PT-5152
Steps, White Arch ESD-OT-PT-9421
Steps, Wood Arch, Small, w metal rails ESD-OT-PT-9422
Steps, Wood staircase, w/rails, one direction ESD-OT-PT-9423
Straddle Sitter  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2746
Stroller/Transfer Seat w/wheels Pink Medium ESD-OT-PT-9256
Stryder Walker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2805
Student Writing Desk, standing desk, Adjustable   [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1101
Student Writing Desk, Standing, Wood ESD-OLG-007-01
Supine Stander, Wood 5.5' ESD-OT-PT-1038
Swing Seat, with nylon ropes and straps, blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9451
Tandem Bike (red) ESD-OT-PT-9060
Test Item  [ RESERVED ] ESD-IT-0001
Test of Handwriting Skills Revised (THS-R)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9328
Test of Handwriting Skills Revised (THS-R) ESD-OT-PT-9329
Test of Handwriting Skills Revised (THS-R) ESD-OT-PT-9330
Test of Visual Motor Skills (TVMS) ESD-OT-PT-9325
Test of Visual Motor Skills (TVMS) ESD-OT-PT-9326
Test of Visual Motor Skills (TVMS) ESD-OT-PT-9327
Test of Visual Perception Skills, (TVPS)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9319
Test of Visual Perception Skills, (TVPS) ESD-OT-PT-9320
Test of Visual Perception Skills, (TVPS)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9321
Theraball, large (Orange) by Gymnic ESD-OT-PT-9087
Theraball, large, (Orange) by Gymnic ESD-OT-PT-9086
Theraball, Orange, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9247
Theraball, Orange, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9248
Theradapt Adjustable Desk/Table (wood) ESD-OT-PT-1128R
Theradapt Chair with Tray  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1106
Theradapt Highback Chair with Tray and Mobil Base ESD-OT-PT-1105
Theradapt Knee Block Bench, 7" - 12" ESD-OT-PT-1072
Theradapt Positioning Chair ESD-OT-PT-1093
Theradapt Positioning Chair ESD-OT-PT-1077
TherAdapt Positioning Chair (small w tray)  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9074
TherAdapt Positioning Chair (no tray) ESD-OT-PT-92692
Theradapt Positioning Chair (small, with tray)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1076
Theradapt Positioning Chair 25 x 13 ESD-OT-PT-2691
Theradapt Positioning Chair 26 x 12 ESD-OT-PT-2692
Theradapt Positioning Chair 28 x 12  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1059
Theradapt Positioning Chair 29 x 14 ESD-OT-PT-21409
Theradapt Positioning Chair w/base ESD-OT-PT-28957
Theradapt Positioning Chair w/base 32 x 12 ESD-OT-PT-29019
Theradapt Stander 40" Height ESD-OT-PT-9343
Theradapt Stander 40" Height ESD-OT-PT-9385
Theradapt Stander, Wood, Small ESD-OT-PT-1346
Theradapt Stander, Wood, Small ESD-OT-PT-9344
TherAdapt Tray (wood) ESD-LG-8070-R
Theradapt Wooden desk, small ESD-OT-PT-1411
Therapy Ball - Egg, Orange ESD-OT-PT-9195
Therapy Ball, Red (Medium, Golds Gym)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9433
Three-wheel Bike with Canopy (Orange) ESD-LG-1044
Tilt Board w/ grid and target numbers ESD-OT-PT-9440
Tiny Rifton Chair (wood) ESD-OT-LG-1021-R
Tomato Chair (Small) ESD-OT-PT-6014
Tomato Chair & Base, Special Tomato (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9357
Tomato Chair and wooden base  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9082
Tomato Chair w/Base (medium)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1003
Tomato Chair w/Base (small) ESD-OT-PT-1046
Tomato Chair w/Base #1058 (large) ESD-OT-PT-1051
Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter w/Mobile Base, Size 4 ESD-OT-PT-9667
Trainer Trike - small, w/orange seat & helmet ESD-OT-PT-1392
Transfer Bench w/ adjustable feet ESD-LG-128R
Transfer Board  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5009TB
Transfer Board ESD-OT-PT-1102
Transfer Board ESD-OT-PT-1103
Transfer Disc ESD-OT-PT-9706
Tray, Clear Plastic w/Trim ESD-OT-PT-95490
Tray, Plastic w/wood trim ESD-OT-PT-9029
Tray, Wood ESD-OT-PT-1636
Tray, Wood ESD-OT-PT-0490
Tray, wood ESD-OT-PT-1094
Tray, Wood ESD-OT-PT-9491
Treatment Table, Folding  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-1079
Tri-Lo Trike, Red ESD-OT-PT-9257
Tricane, (sIngle cane) ESD-OT-PT-2772
Tricanes (set - small) ESD-OT-PT-2771
Tricanes (set - small) ESD-OT-PT-2770
Trike (red) ESD-LG-108R
Trike with wood block pedal guard/sandals (black)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9013
Tumble Form Abductor Wedge, Yellow (only one) ESD-OT-PT-076-981
Tumble Form Adductor Wedge (blue) ESD-OT-PT-0510-TA
Tumble Form Adductor Wedge (orange) ESD-OT-PT-0388-TA
Tumble Form Base (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-0060
Tumble Form Base (red) ESD-OT-PT-9055
Tumble Form Base, blue ESD-OT-PT-2400
Tumble Form Blue Round ESD-OT-PT-309
Tumble Form Chair (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1060
Tumble Form Chest Restraint (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-0390-TA
Tumble Form Feeder Seat, Blue, 12" Large ESD-LG-8283R
Tumble Form Feeder Seat, Large, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9342
Tumble Form Feeder Seat, Small, (blue) ESD-OT-PT-1061
Tumble Form Half Moons, Blue, (set of 2) ESD-OT-PT-076-98
Tumble Form Half Roll 14", Orange ESD-OT-PT-0144
Tumble Form Half Roll 24" (red) ESD-OT-PT-9477
Tumble Form Junior Car Seat w/ stroller base ESD-OT-PT-9037
Tumble Form Lateral Rectangle (Red) ESD-OT-PT-0509-TA
Tumble Form Mirror, Orange ESD-OT-PT-1067
Tumble Form Rectangle, Red, (one only) ESD-OT-PT-076-99
Tumble Form Rectangles, Yellow (set of 2) ESD-OT-PT-05698
Tumble form Red Wedge w/descriptor prone strap ESD-OT-PT-9717
Tumble form Red Wedge w/descriptor prone strap  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-8063
Tumble Form Rocker Board, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-LG-0959
Tumble Form Roll Blue 10 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0122
Tumble Form Roll Blue 12 x 36 ESD-LG-0120
Tumble Form Roll Blue 12 x 46 ESD-OT-PT-0062
Tumble Form Roll Blue 12 x 46 ESD-OT-PT-0062
Tumble Form Roll Blue 8 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0064
Tumble Form Roll Green 8 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0165
Tumble Form Roll Orange 10 x 36 ESD-LG-0515
Tumble Form Roll Orange 6 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0573
Tumble Form Roll Red 8 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0119
Tumble Form Roll Red 10 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0244
Tumble Form Roll Red 8 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0054
Tumble Form Seat (red) ESD-OT-PT- 9054
Tumble Form Seat Base Blue, 21 x 15 ESD-OT-PT-0666
Tumble Form Seat Base Blue, 21 x 15 ESD-OT-PT-1064
Tumble Form Seat Base, Blue, 10 x 12.5 ESD-OT-PT-1066
Tumble Form Seat base, Blue, medium ESD-OT-PT-0061
Tumble form Seat, blue, medium ESD-OT-PT-0061-R
Tumble Form Square Seat Module (1 position seat), Blue ESD-OT-PT-9571
Tumble Form Style Foam Roll, Green, 8 x 14 ESD-OT-PT-076-983
Tumble Form Tadpole Base w/straps, blue ESD-OT-PT-9443
Tumble Form Tadpole Base with Wheels ESD-OT-PT-388
Tumble Form Tadpole Half-Round (Red) 8 x 28 ESD-OT-PT-0144
Tumble Form Tadpole Wedge (red) ESD-OT-PT-0144-01
Tumble Form Triangle Blocks, Green, (set of 2) ESD-OT-PT-076-982
Tumble Form Wedge Blue 21 x 19 x3.5 ESD-OT-PT-0058
Tumble Form Wedge Orange, 21 x 19 x 6 ESD-OT-PT-05133
Tumble Form Wedge, Orange 27 x 23 x 7 ESD-OT-PT-0513
Tumble Form Wedge, Yellow 21 x 19 x 6 ESD-OT-PT-040-01
Tumble Form wooden scooter base, swivel wheels ESD-OT-PT-9635
Tumble Forms Adductor Wedges - Red (2) ESD-OT-PT-0508-TA
Tumble Forms Feeder Seat, Small (red) ESD-OT-PT-1034R
Tumble Forms Rocker Board, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9470
Tumble Forms Roll Blue 2.5 x 17 ESD-OT-PT-2594
Tumble Forms Roll Red 4 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-9018
Tumble Forms Roll, Red 4 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0069
Tumbleform Positioning Seat with tray ( small blue) ESD-OT-PT-9607
Tumbleform Seat, small (red) ESD-OT-PT-0023A
Tumbleform style Rectangles (Brown) set of 2 ESD-OT-PT-0106
Tumbleform Wedge (red) ESD-OT-PT-596
Tumbleform Wedge (red) ESD-OT-PT-9105
Tumbleform Wedge, blue, 27 x 23 x 5 ESD-OT-PT-0056
Tunnel, Find Me Play Tunnel, 6 ft collapsable ESD-OT-PT-123-02
Unishape Mat, Blue w/ handles ESD-OT-PT-9271
Unishape Mat, Blue w/ handles ESD-OT-PT-9272
Unishape Mat, Blue w/ handles ESD-OT-PT-9481
Use to test notifications  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-IT-TEST
VariDesk Pro Plus 36' and AntiFatigue Floor Mat  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-1278
VariDesk Pro Plus 36' and AntiFatigue Floor Mat  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-1279
VHI Exercise Kit CD Software  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9059
VHI Exercise Kit CD Software, Version 3.4 ESD-OT-PT-9309
VHI Exercise Kit CD Software, Version 3.4 ESD-OT-PT-9310
Walker (Medium) with Basket ESD-OT-PT-9568
Walker (Medium) with extra positional handle grips ESD-OT-PT-9570
Walker (Small) red handles  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9569
Walker Child size 14" (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1682R
Walker w/wheels ESD-OT-PT-2800
Walker w/wheels (Blue)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2801
Walker with front pouch and wheels (collapsible/mediumj) ESD-OT-PT-9067
Walker, Child size 14" (Red) ESD-OT-PT-1284
Wedge (blue) ESD-OT-PT-1003W
Wedge (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9027
Wedge (Red) 24"x 23"x 10" ESD-OT-PT-449
Wedge (red) 47" x 23" x 10" ESD-OT-PT-9026
Wedge (tan) ESD-OT-PT-1002W
Wedge Seat Blue ESD-OT-PT-2734
Wedge Seat Blue ESD-SL-2086
Wedge Seat Blue ESD-SL-2087
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-9705
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-9703
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-2741
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-9712
Wedge seat-blue ESD-OT-PT-9644
Wedge, Large (white) ESD-OT-PT-1005W
Wedge, Mini (red) ESD-OT-PT-1004W
Weighted Denim Vest Medium ESD-OT-PT-9050
Weighted Denim Vest, Medium w/pockets ESD-OT-PT-9109
Weighted Fidget Lap Pad, Green ESD-OT-PT-9594
Weighted Fidget Lap Pad, Green ESD-OT-PT-9595
Weighted Fidget Lap Pad, Green ESD-OT-PT-9599
Weighted Lap Pad 9 x 16 Blue (Achievement Products)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9608
Weighted Lap Pad Blue 18" X 18"  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9596
Weighted Lap Pad Blue 18" X 18" ESD-OT-PT-9597
Weighted Lap Pad Blue 18" X 18" ESD-OT-PT-9600
Weighted Lap Pad Dark Green  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9691
Weighted Lap Pad Light Green ESD-OT-PT-9689
Weighted Lap Pad Light Green  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9690
Weighted Pad/Pillow Microwave heat pad 9"x20" Green ESD-OT-PT-026-04
Weighted Pillow (Green) ESD-OT-PT-9232
Weighted Turtle (Blue)  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9575
Weighted Turtle Green ESD-OT-PT-9222
Weighted Turtle Green  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9223
Weighted Vest Denim with Pockets, small  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9463
Weighted Vest Horse Pattern SM ESD-OT-PT-V2
Weighted Vest Small, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9243
Weighted Vest w/ pockets, small Cartoon fabric  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9111
Weighted Vest with inner pockets and weights, Blue small ESD-OT-PT-9221
Weighted Vest, Dark Blue, Large, Velcro Waist Support  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9536
Weighted Vest, Large ESD-OT-PT-9108
Weighted Vest, Small, Red/White Check ESD-OT-PT-9255
Wenzelite Childs Chair ESD-OT-PT-9643
Weplay Balance Board with Handles-Red ESD-OT-PT-1062
Westfield Elite Desk  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-1280
Westfield Elite Desk  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-AUT-1281
White Canvas Soft Swing, South paw ESD-OT-PT-9028
Wide Range Assessment Visual Motor Abilities (WRAVMA) ESD-OT-PT-9322
Wide Range Assessment Visual Motor Abilities (WRAVMA) ESD-OT-PT-9323
Wide Range Assessment Visual Motor Abilities (WRAVMA) ESD-OT-PT-9324
Wiggle Worm ESD-OT-PT-056-96
Wobble Board ESD-OT-PT-5000WB
Wood Balance beam 6 feet ESD-OT-PT-9454
Wood lap tray ESD-OT-PT-5147
Wood Rack ESD-OT-PT-2752
Wood Step (1 of 2 - 2 missing) ESD-OT-PT-0716
Wood Tray ESD-OT-PT-9467
Wood Tray ESD-OT-PT-9468
Wood Tray w/sides ESD-OT-PT-1095
Wooden Chair ESD-OT-PT-1113
Wooden Tray Table, seated ESD-OT-PT-9645
Workman's Trike, Blue ESD-OT-PT-2700
Workman's Trike, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2701
Wrist Brace Support (Gray) ESD-OT-PT-9233
Writing Board Wood ESD-OT-PT-92WB
Writing Board, Plastic/wood  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-558WB
Writing Board, Wood ESD-OT-PT-92WWB
Writing Board, Wood ESD-OT-PT-934WB
Writing Board, Wood ESD-OT-PT-97WB
Writing Board, Wood ESD-PT-OT-932
Writing Slant Board, white plastic w/clip  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5084
Yellow Half Roll/Bolster, 2' ESD-OT-PT-9628
Zippie Iris wheelchair ESD-OT-PT-9640