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8pc Green/Yellow Detachable Balance board ESD-OT-PT-IMESD1
Aeromat, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5176
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9286
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9287
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9288
Aeromat, Blue ESD-OT-PT-9289
Airex Balance Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9713
Airex Balance Wedge ESD-OT-PT-9714
Ankle Weights ESD-OT-PT-8822
Ball Bag, Large ESD-OT-PT-6000BB
Ball Chair Medium Red ESD-OT-PT-9716
Ballchair, Large Superpro, (orange) ESD-OT-PT-9362
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9363
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9376
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9377
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9387
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9388
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9389
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9390
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9391
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9392
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9393
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9394
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9395
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9396
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9397
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9398
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9399
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9400
Ballchair, small (clear w/stars) ESD-OT-PT-9401
Blue Changing Mat ESD-OT-PT-2677
Blue Tan Gym Mat ESD-OT-PT-9420
Bosu Balance Trainer ESD-OT-PT-1921
Bosu Balance Trainer ESD-OT-PT-1922
Bosu Balance Trainer ESD-OT-PT-1923
Clear Tray w/wood edge ESD-OT-PT-1092
Crawl-through Tunnel, Southpaw, Brown ESD-OT-PT-0066
Developmental ball (green) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Developmental Ball (orange) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Developmental Ball (red) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Developmental Ball (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-2533
Disc Activity Set ESD-OT-PT-9107
Disc-O-Seat (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9598
Disc-O-Seat (Red) ESD-OT-PT-9216
Dizzy Disc ESD-OT-PT-9021
Dizzy Disc ESD-OT-PT-9094
Exercise Mat (Blue foam) ESD-OT-PT-2163w
Exercise Mat (Blue plastic)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-2164w
Exercise Mat (Red) ESD-OT-PT-5157
Fitball Red, 19.5" Medium  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9298
Fitball Red, 19.5" Medium ESD-OT-PT-9299
Fitball Yellow 15.5" small ESD-OT-PT-9296
Fitball Yellow 15.5" small ESD-OT-PT-9297
Fitball Yellow 27.5" Large ESD-OT-PT-9300
Fitball Yellow 27.5" Large ESD-OT-PT-9301
Foam Balance Pad ESD-OT-PT-1911
Foam Balance Pad ESD-OT-PT-1912
Foam Balance Pad ESD-OT-PT-1913
Foam Balance Pad ESD-OT-PT-1914
Foam Support, Rectangle (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1000W
Grip Ball, Blue and Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9273
Grip Ball, Blue and Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9274
Gym Mat (red, blue and yellow) ESD-OT-PT-9226
Gym Mat (UCS floor Mat)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9461
Gym Mat blue, red ESD-OT-PT-2763
Gym Mat Pad, Thick (red) ESD-OT-PT-9455
Gym Mat-Foldable Multicolor  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9605
Gym Mat, blue/brown 2 panel  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9031
Gym Mat, Foldable, Multi-color w/handles ESD-OT-PT-9456
Gym Mat, Foldable, Multi-color w/handles  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9457
Gym Mat, Foldable, Multi-color w/handles ESD-OT-PT-9462
Gym Mat, multi-color, UCS ESD-OT-PT-9613
Gym Mat, UCS Floor Mat ESD-OT-PT-9459
Half-Roll, Green ESD-OT-PT-9268
Half-Roll, Green ESD-OT-PT-2593
Half-Round Physioball ESD-OT-PT-5177
Holebrook Wooden Wheelbarrow ESD-OT-PT-505
Hoppity Hop Ball ESD-OT-PT-1059
Large Blue/Green Wedge Seat ESD-OT-PT-9708
Large Wedge Mat (blue) ESD-OT-PT-6013
Large Wedge Mat (red) ESD-OT-PT-6012
Lucky Bums Gait Training Harness, red ESD-OT-PT-9295
Massager Mat ESD-OT-PT-014-00
Mat Table ESD-OT-PT-1096
Medicine Ball Blue ESD-OT-PT-1060
Medicine Ball, Green ESD-OT-PT-1058
Mobile Base for tomato chair, small ESD-OT-PT-1049
Mobility Cane, Premium Graphite ESD-VI-1530
Obstacle Course Foam Block (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-1027B
Orange Egg Therapy Ball ESD-OT-PT-9437
Peanut Ball (red small)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9417
Peanut Ball (red small) ESD-OT-PT-9418
Peanut Ball (Red) ESD-OT-PT-5161
Peanut Ball (yellow, medium) ESD-OT-PT-9419
Peanut ball medium (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-0094
Peanut Ball, Green, small 12 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-9302
Peanut Ball, Green, small 12 x 24  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9303
Peanut ball, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-5165
Peanut Physioball (red) ESD-OT-PT-172-PB
Peanut Physioball Large, Blue ESD-OT-PT-1057
Peanut Physioball, large (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9085
Peanut Physioball, small (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9088
Physio ball (blue) ESD-OT-PT-5164
Physio ball (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-5163
Physio Ball (blue) ESD-OT-PT-9040
Physio Ball (Green) ESD-OT-PT-5158
Physio ball peanut (red) ESD-OT-PT-0170
Physio ball Peanut (Yellow) ESD-OT-PT-0169
Physio-roll Red Small ESD-OT-PT-9473
Physioball (Blue, Large)  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-173PB
Physioball (Green, Medium) ESD-OT-PT-171PB
Physioball (Green, Medium) ESD-OT-PT-174PB
Physioball (Red, Large) ESD-OT-PT-172PB
Physioball Medium, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9483
Physioball Peanut, Small, Blue ESD-OT-PT-5159
Physioball Peanut, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9331
Physioball Peanut, Yellow ESD-OT-PT-9332
Physioball/Theraball-Medium, silver ESD-OT-PT-9620
Pilllow 12 x 12 heavy cloth (red) ESD-OT-PT-9103
Pivot Disc, Wooden ESD-OT-PT-0046
Plastic Mat ESD-OT-PT-9707
Platform Swing ESD-OT-PT-2689
Positioning Wedge Blue/Red ESD-OT-PT-5021
Rocker Board (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-9470
Sit n Gym (yellow) ESD-OT-PT-0065
Slant Board Wood with Black Writing Surface ESD-OT-PT-9696
Slant Board wooden ESD-OT-PT-2449
Stair Stepper, Portable ESD-OT-PT-9030
Steam Roller ESD-OT-PT-9338
Steamroller ESD-OT-PT-1107
Steamroller  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-5100
Steamroller  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-1078
Steamroller Deluxe IMESD 2040
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9049
Steamroller/Noodlemaker ESD-OT-PT-1043
Steamroller/noodlemaker  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9262
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ RESERVED ] ESD-OT-PT-9269
Steamroller/Noodlemaker  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9355
Steamroller/Noodlemaker ESD-OT-PT-1044
Step Ladder ESD-OT-PT-9019
Stepper w/ height adjustors ESD-OT-PT-5152
Straddle Sitter ESD-OT-PT-2746
Theraball, large (Orange) by Gymnic ESD-OT-PT-9087
Theraball, large, (Orange) by Gymnic ESD-OT-PT-9086
Theraball, Orange, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9247
Theraball, Orange, Medium ESD-OT-PT-9248
TherAdapt Tray (wood) ESD-LG-8070-R
Therapy Ball - Egg, Orange ESD-OT-PT-9195
Therapy Ball, Red (Medium, Golds Gym) ESD-OT-PT-9433
Tomato Chair ESD-OT-PT-1047
Transfer Disc ESD-OT-PT-9706
Tumble Form Abductor Wedge, Yellow (only one) ESD-OT-PT-076-981
Tumble Form Adductor Wedge (blue) ESD-OT-PT-0510-TA
Tumble Form Adductor Wedge (orange) ESD-OT-PT-0388-TA
Tumble Form Base, blue ESD-OT-PT-2400
Tumble Form Blue Round ESD-OT-PT-309
Tumble Form Chest Restraint (Blue) ESD-OT-PT-0390-TA
Tumble Form Feeder Seat, Blue, 12" Large ESD-LG-8283R
Tumble Form Half Moons, Blue, (set of 2) ESD-OT-PT-076-98
Tumble Form Half Roll 14", Orange ESD-OT-PT-0144
Tumble Form Half Roll 24" (red) ESD-OT-PT-9477
Tumble Form Lateral Rectangle (Red) ESD-OT-PT-0509-TA
Tumble Form Mirror, Orange ESD-OT-PT-1067
Tumble Form Rectangle, Red, (one only) ESD-OT-PT-076-99
Tumble Form Rectangles, Yellow (set of 2) ESD-OT-PT-05698
Tumble form Red Wedge w/descriptor prone strap ESD-OT-PT-9717
Tumble Form Roll Blue 10 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0122
Tumble Form Roll Blue 12 x 36 ESD-LG-0120
Tumble Form Roll Blue 12 x 46 ESD-OT-PT-0062
Tumble Form Roll Blue 12 x 46 ESD-OT-PT-0062
Tumble Form Roll Blue 8 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0064
Tumble Form Roll Green 8 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0165
Tumble Form Roll Orange 10 x 36 ESD-LG-0515
Tumble Form Roll Orange 6 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0573
Tumble Form Roll Red 8 x 24  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-0119
Tumble Form Roll Red 10 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0244
Tumble Form Roll Red 8 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-0054
Tumble Form Square Seat Module (1 position seat), Blue ESD-OT-PT-9571
Tumble Form Style Foam Roll, Green, 8 x 14 ESD-OT-PT-076-983
Tumble Form Tadpole Base w/straps, blue ESD-OT-PT-9443
Tumble Form Tadpole Base with Wheels ESD-OT-PT-388
Tumble Form Tadpole Half-Round (Red) 8 x 28 ESD-OT-PT-0144
Tumble Form Tadpole Wedge (red) ESD-OT-PT-0144-01
Tumble Form Triangle Blocks, Green, (set of 2) ESD-OT-PT-076-982
Tumble Form Wedge Blue 21 x 19 x3.5 ESD-OT-PT-0058
Tumble Form Wedge Orange, 21 x 19 x 6 ESD-OT-PT-05133
Tumble Form Wedge, Orange 27 x 23 x 7 ESD-OT-PT-0513
Tumble Form Wedge, Yellow 21 x 19 x 6 ESD-OT-PT-040-01
Tumble Form wooden scooter base, swivel wheels ESD-OT-PT-9635
Tumble Forms Adductor Wedges - Red (2) ESD-OT-PT-0508-TA
Tumble Forms Rocker Board, Blue  [ CHECKED OUT ] ESD-OT-PT-9470
Tumble Forms Roll Blue 2.5 x 17 ESD-OT-PT-2594
Tumble Forms Roll Red 4 x 24 ESD-OT-PT-9018
Tumble Forms Roll, Red 4 x 36 ESD-OT-PT-0069
Tumbleform style Rectangles (Brown) set of 2 ESD-OT-PT-0106
Tumbleform Wedge (red) ESD-OT-PT-596
Tumbleform Wedge (red) ESD-OT-PT-9105
Tumbleform Wedge, blue, 27 x 23 x 5 ESD-OT-PT-0056
Tunnel, Find Me Play Tunnel, 6 ft collapsable ESD-OT-PT-123-02
Unishape Mat, Blue w/ handles ESD-OT-PT-9271
Unishape Mat, Blue w/ handles ESD-OT-PT-9272
Unishape Mat, Blue w/ handles ESD-OT-PT-9481
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-9705
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-9703
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-2741
Wedge seat small Blue ESD-OT-PT-9712
Wooden Chair ESD-OT-PT-1113