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Inventory Number: ESD-OT-PT-9669

Item Title/Name: Base - Special Tomato Small Mobile Base (size 1-3 sitter)

Vendor Name: Access First

Approximate Cost: $348.95

Availability: Available

Model Description: The Mobile Tilt Wedge comes with four swivel casters that have Rear locking brakes. The Mobile Tilt Wedge allows 25° of tilt for children who require additional postural support. Small Mobile Tilt Wedge fits size 1-3 Soft-Touch® Sitters. The New Special Tomato Wooden Bases have been tested above the stated weight capacity for hundreds of cycles without any sign of stress. These bases are extremely strong! NOTE: Please install the two locking casters on the back of the sitter base as shown in the manual. Do NOT put them on the front as shown in the picture.